Reasons Why You Should List Your Property As a Short-Term Rental in Dubai

Dubai is a well-known tourist destination and a business hub. Its bustling nightlife, rich history, classic beach club and luxurious lifestyle make it an enticing place to live. No wonder every year, millions of people fly to Dubai. If you are a property owner, you can benefit immensely from this opportunity. When you list your property as a short-term rental in Dubai, you target a group of people who are willing to live a luxurious life and pay a premium price for a short-term stay during their workation or visit. As a property owner, listing your property as a short-term rental in Dubai can benefit you in many ways, and in exchange, you live a fulfilled life. In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the advantages of listing your property as a short-term rental in Dubai and listing it with top-notch holiday home companies in Dubai.

Reasons Why You Must List Your Property as a Short Term Rental With Holiday Homes Companies in Dubai

High Demand For Short-Term Rentals in Dubai

There are many reasons why people visit Dubai. Travelers visit Dubai for fun and enjoyment. Some come to Dubai in search of jobs and better lifestyle opportunities. Dubai is home to the largest skyscrapers, cafes, museums, exotic beaches, plenty of leisure establishments, and opportunities that generate massive business growth. Among leisure and business travelers, the need for short-term studio apartments in Dubai is quite high. Those who seek privacy and comfort always look for a rental studio apartment in Dubai. By listing your property as a short-term rental in Dubai, you increase the chance of generating a stable passive income for yourself.

High Yielding Properties

Once you list your property with Holiday Homes companies in Dubai, you set your property for a high annual rental yield. As you can keep adjusting your rentals, you have a higher chance of creating more wealth with it. Based on the market demand and seasonality, you can always set premium prices during the peak seasons. Weekdays are different from weekends; you can set a higher rate for weekends. Considering the location of your property, you can set a better price as per the location. If your property is located in famous and popular tourist spots, you can charge a fairly high price. If you are not sure where to start, holiday home companies in Dubai are the best options. You can easily contact one and get a detailed consultation.

High Rental Flexibility

When you list your property as a short-term rental, you have more control over the duration of the rent. You can always decide how long you wish to rent out your property and when to take it off. At AZCO Holiday Homes, we suggest a minimum of 10 weeks to help you better understand the potential of short-term rental and demand for your property in the market. You can always decide whom to allow to book your property and the duration of it as well.

How to List As a Short-Term Rental in Dubai?

Holiday Homes and short-term rental properties do not need an Ejari registration. The Department of Economy and Tourism (DET) regulates such properties. The first step is to register your property in the DET and pay the fee of AED 1500. Property owners can list and manage their properties on their own. You can also opt for a holiday home company in Dubai to let them manage your property and take care of keeping your property well maintained and in the proper position regularly.

After the successful registration in the Department of Economy and Tourism, the property owner must apply for a permit from the government authority. Each type of property has a different fee and also how much you need to invest in a property. The permit for short-term properties in Dubai is valid for only one year, and once time is completed, property owners have to apply for a renewal.

Market your Property

After you have successfully registered your property as a holiday home, you can market it on property portals in the UAE. Marketing and furnishing play an important role in making your property stand out from the crowd of listings. Focus on marketing and increase the occupancy rate of your property.


Dubai’s magnetic blend of tourism and business opportunities creates a splendid market for short-term rentals. Property owners can get a ton of benefits from this by partnering with reputable holiday home companies in Dubai such as AZCO Holiday Homes. Such collaborations not only unlock steady passive income for you as a property owner but also empower you with flexible rental terms and dynamic pricing strategies. Capitalize on the impressive market, and ensure both financial success for yourself.



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